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Elevating travel for the energy industry

High-risk environments. Rapidly changing conditions. Convoluted bureaucratic processes. Navigating crew and corporate travel logistics can be a challenge — but it doesn’t have to be one you face alone.

As a global travel management company (TMC) with more than 30 years of experience, Wings specializes in complex travel logistics for the energy, resources and marine industries. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology — including real-time tracking, expense management tools and detailed reporting — to keep your crews safe, your costs down and your projects on schedule. See what’s possible, the Wings Way.


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From content and sourcing to in-depth analytics and integrated payment solutions, see how Wings supports your crew every step of the way.

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Wings Energy Academy

At Wings, we believe in dedicated support from the ground up. That’s why every Wings travel consultant completes our Wings Energy Academy. During the 12-month program, our consultants learn about the history of the industry, exploration processes — including drilling platforms, oil field lifecycles and standard operational details — and gain insight into the roles of the roughneck, derrickhand, driller and rig manager so we can better understand what life is like on the job.

The power of one

One wholly owned global company. One dedicated team. One expansive network. One unified global service platform.

It’s a wide world out there, and you need a partner that’s got you covered wherever the work takes you. Unlike traditional TMCs, Wings brings everything in-house to provide you with a truly agile crew and corporate travel experience. From an extensive network of regional hubs — all wholly owned and operated — to a comprehensive service-driven platform, see what’s possible when you travel with Wings.

An approach centered
around your crew

No two jobs are the same, and things are hardly ever as simple as they seem. That’s why our comprehensive global service platform, WingsOne, is designed to work the way you do. Multifaceted and fully customizable, WingsOne simplifies the travel planning process and gives you the tools you need — when and where you need them.

Select a service in the circle to learn more about how it works.

Online Booking Tools
Mobile Technologies
Safety & Incident Management
Secure Data Management
Content & Sourcing
Business Intelligence
Quality & Service
Programme Management
Integrated Payment Solutions

Online Booking Tools

Whatever works for you…

The Wings Online booking solution works the way you do. We don’t assume you always want to book the Wings way. Wings Online works with the third-party travel booking and expense management tools your organisation already uses. We also recommend the solutions we think will be best for you.

Our agnostic approach recognises that different tools have their own strengths. If your organisation uses one that already meets your requirements, we won’t ask you to change.

We work with robust complex online platforms such as Cytric, GetThere and SAP Concur for a fully integrated online experience. Additionally, we have a partnership with Thomalex to provide an easy-to-use option that suits small to midsize organisations.

If your tool of choice is not on this list, ask us: we probably support it too.

As travel costs have risen, some clients are less relaxed than they were about letting travellers book their own travel. With that in mind, Wings Online also integrates with the Trondent tool, which simplifies pre-trip approvals for online travel tools.

Mobile Technologies

The Wings Mobile app is a main connection between the traveller and our organisation. It allows you to stay connected for your entire journey. Not only does it allow travellers to view and manage their travel itinerary but also includes:

  • Realtime flight status details with alerts for delays
  • Mobile check-in
  • Self-booking (depending on individual company travel policies)
  • Daily itineraries
  • Full trip itinerary management
  • Centralised individual traveller profile management
  • Personalised traveller risk assessment
  • An expense management tool

Wings Mobile also provides travellers with alerts and information to make their journey enjoyable and hassle-free, such as:

  • Interactive airport maps with directions and details of food ordering, lounge facilities, baggage policies, transfers
  • Visa services
  • Tours and leisure activities
  • Offline destination maps for car, subway and foot travel that can be integrated with Uber and Lyft
  • Weather updates
  • Optional Wings Alert notifications of travel risks and potential disruption for travel in high-risk areas of the world

Wings Mobile is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Norwegian language versions.

Safety & Incident Management

By subscribing to our Wings Alert email service you can plan ahead and make well-informed travel decisions. The alerts provide detailed coverage of notable and significant incidents that could impact security or movement. They warn travellers of events or developments that could disrupt their travel plans or put them in harm’s way.

Detailed descriptive information and location mapping are bolstered with expert analysis, giving insight into the potential outcomes and impact of the situation. The alerts also advise travellers what to do to minimise risk and disruption.

Secure Data Management

Wings creates a profile for your organisation and each of your travellers. This profile is integrated with every facet of the WingsOne platform. One profile available to the Wings team in our offices across the globe.

Our global database ensures that every interaction you have with Wings is based on the same data and the same policy. This includes not just basic personal data but credit card details and individual travel and accommodation preferences. Every profile is also updated at the time of booking with newly earned benefits, such as loyalty points.

A single up-to-date profile eliminates duplication of effort, reduces the potential for errors and minimises delays and frustrations caused by missing or inconsistent data.

And of course, Wings complies with internationally recognised security, information governance and data protection standards to keep your data safe at all times.

Content & Sourcing

Wings leverages its technology, its relationships and its strengths as a wholly owned and operated TMC to bring you the best content at the best price.

Our competitive edge comes from:

  • Best in class search and aggregation of content from multiple sources
  • NDC capability enabling clients to benefit from emerging content distribution standards
  • Global purchasing power
  • Comprehensive access to fares including exclusive off-system deals
  • Preferential accommodation rates through relationships with hotel groups

Travel is as much about moving information as it is about moving people. Success depends on being able to access and control information and get it to clients fast in a form that’s easy to use and understand.

The travel industry continues to innovate with carriers, global distribution systems (GDS), consolidators and online providers all vying to control pricing or take advantage of the variations in the market.

The Wings way is to continue to invest in technology to bring together content from multiple systems to guarantee that our clients always benefit from the widest selection of global and local airfare, hotel reservation and car hire deals.


NDC – which stands for new distribution capability – is an emerging standard for the way the travel industry shares data. It promises to make it easier for airlines to offer additional services during the booking process.

NDC will make an important difference behind the scenes, making it easier to integrate the data and processes that affect your travel experience. But not all content will be available through NDC for the foreseeable future. That’s why at Wings we have been adapting our technology to harvest content from multiple systems, including NDC.

Content is king

Special fares and exclusive rates – We scour every corner of the market and every system for the best deals for special fares and exclusive rates. Wings has also negotiated private nett fare agreements on behalf of its clients with airlines that give you access to rates that aren’t available anywhere else.

Route deals – Big companies sometimes negotiate their own deals on high-traffic routes, but it can still pay to benchmark these against the best available deals in each market.

Exclusive offshore and marine fares – Wings has negotiated special rates for clients in this sector, helping to keep costs at a minimum while delivering exceptional logistics management.

Managed hotel programme – We work with you to achieve your objectives for hotel expenditure based on your business needs. Our global hotel service ensures the best rates, efficient booking, compliance with your travel policies, traveller satisfaction and duty of care. The service includes analysis of your current hotel programme and continuous review against quality and value-for-money criteria.

Business Intelligence

Business travel is extensive and global travel is complex.

The Wings Analytics platform powered by Tableau makes it simpler to manage. Our real-time management information system provides up-to-the-minute data and reports, including:

  • Insights and reports we use to get you the best deals with our suppliers
  • Online reporting tools to generate management information you need to measure and report the performance of your travel programme
  • Reports on supplier performance, spend, policy compliance, traveller behaviour, safety, sustainability and more
  • Near real-time capability enabling you report to the end of the last business day not the end of the last month
  • Easy to export data for use in popular third-party tools such as Grasp and PredictX

Timely, accurate data is the key that unlocks best value for clients. It provides insight and leverage.

A fully integrated reporting system and end to end control of our operation and processes means we never have to wait for data. TMCs with third-party agent networks typically take days or weeks to collate travel data.

For example, our hotel consultation tool enables us to use booking data that’s never more than an hour old when we’re taking your hotel programme out to bid.

Analytics features and capabilities include:

  • Self-service
  • Web and mobile-enabled
  • Customisable, eg report types, frequency, access rights
  • Intuitive graphs, charts and drilldowns
  • Data export in XML, Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF and other formats
  • Security including PCI (data protection) compliance
  • Training and support available
  • Daily travel programme views
  • 24/7 access to global traveller tracker with real-time interactive maps
  • Monthly statements with drill down to invoices and other supporting documents
  • Integration with client processes, eg HR, rostering and ERP for energy sector
  • Automatic real-time multiple currency to single currency conversion for reporting
  • Availability of near real-time booking data
  • Customisable by client department/cost centre, traveller, supplier,
  • Sustainability, eg CO2 reports

Quality & Service

WingsOne provides total programme management and complete customer support. We work in partnership with you across the following range of services:

  • Customised implementation management
  • Travel policy assessment and compliance
  • Travel reporting metrics
  • Process improvement analysis
  • Cost-reduction programmes and ongoing cost analysis
  • Travel programme consolidation
  • Programme strategy reviews with key performance indicators
  • Customisable reporting
  • Incident response management
  • Travel risk management
  • Logistics management
  • Supplier relationships and negotiation
  • Customised billing solutions including charge-back and consolidated billing
  • Research, benchmarking and best practice
  • Passport and visa management
  • VIP services

Knowledge, quality, choice

Our unrivalled reputation for service depends on:

Knowledge – Our people know the travel business inside out. Our systems record your travel policies and individual travel profiles so we can tailor the service to your requirements. We also provide a rich set of online tools so you can manage your own bookings and stay informed every step of the way.

Quality – The quality of the traveller’s experience informs everything we do, including making sure the itinerary runs to plan and can flex when plans change. It means resolving issues, dealing with the unforeseen, working with only best providers of travel and accommodation, making you comfortable and keeping you safe. We listen to your feedback, learn from it and continually improve.

Choice – From sourcing the best fares, routes and accommodation to ensuring that we satisfy the preferences of individual travellers down to the last detail, we’re all about choice. This includes how you interact with the service, whether that’s using our online tools to manage the process or prefer to leave everything to the Wings team.

ONE relationship, ONE global team

When you work with us you have one relationship.

We do everything ourselves. We don’t outsource any part of the service or rely on partners. You’re always talking to a Wings employee.

With 16 locations on six continents sharing the same information system, we maintain a 24/7/365 service enabling us to support you and travellers wherever they are, regardless of time of day. When the team at our Houston, Texas office is heading home, our team in Manilla, Philippines is starting work. You’ll never talk to an out-of-hours skeleton crew or be told to call back in the morning.

Our global presence keeps us open come what may. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, we closed the office for the safety of our staff and rerouted our communications to London.

Our people

Great relationships are built on great people – and we hire the best. Our travel consultants come with years of experience, not a call-centre script. Whether you choose our online tools or in-person service, we’re always here to help.

Because no two industries have the same travel needs, we provide specialist training to ensure that our people always understand how your business works.

Our team also has experience of multiple travel systems, giving you access to the widest choice of content at the best possible rates.

We empower Wings employees to do what’s best for the client every time.


Wings is uncompromising about the quality of its customer service. We have developed our own quality management system which enables us to keep you informed about what we are doing to improve our processes.

Our commitment to quality management and continuous improvement is evidenced by our compliance with international quality, data protection and information governance standards and regulations, including:

ISO 9001 (quality management systems)
ISO 27001 (information security)
GDPR (EU data protection)
PCI DSS (payment card data protection)
DPA (UK data protection)
We also comply with other relevant national and regional regulations, such as POPIA data protection laws for South Africa.

Programme Management

The power of ONE rings true when it comes to Wings Global Travel integrating into your programme. Our team of strategic account managers work closely with our clients to solve their toughest challenges. Our agile and nimble approach provides compliance to your procurement processes to ensure a cost effective program is achieved.

Throughout the relationship our custom solutions focus on:

– Goal Setting to drive a program forward
– Collaboration with strategic partners
– Deep data analysis to ensure compliance
– Risk assessment for potential challenges
– Evaluation of a long-term business plan
– Continual process improvement

The end result will create an efficient output that creates improvement of quality, indirect cost optimization and enhanced traveller experience

Integrated Payment Solutions

Maintaining control of the cost of travel programmes is always our first priority. Wings’ consultants and technology help you keep expenses aligned with travel policy. Our monitoring and reporting tools provide everything you need for effective programme accounting.

Value-added services include:

  • Bill-back capability
  • Consolidated billing
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Realtime currency conversion
  • Trend analysis and reporting to identify controllable costs
  • Travel policy compliance

Our expertise and advanced technology help you to consolidate spend, identify cost-reduction opportunities and recommend improvements. We make it easier to manage travel costs, analyse traveller and booker behaviour, and pinpoint rogue travellers and non-compliance trends.

Wings consultants work with you to optimise spending while fulfilling duty of care and maximising traveller satisfaction.

Crew travel, simplified

Streamlined logistics so you can focus on what matters most.


Proactive strategies and tools to keep your people safe.

Technology and data

Seamless, detailed data and analytics on demand.

traveler experience

Personalized service that goes the extra mile.

Under our wing

From the everyday to the extraordinary, the Wings team is here to help you navigate the unique challenges of global travel logistics for the energy industry.

The Wings Way in action

We have partnered with leading oil and gas companies around the world, streamlining their processes and elevating their travel programs. See what our clients say about the Wings Way.

“Our company has been working with Wings for approximately three years. During that time, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Steven Landry is our regular contact, and he is always professional, knowledgeable, responsive and a great asset for our travel needs. The entire group has been helpful when our travelers have experienced difficulties during their trip. We would highly recommend Wings to anyone looking for a first-class travel agency!”

— Offshore Drilling Industry Company

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We empower our clients through partnerships with industry-leading consulting firms, technology services and travel support.

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